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ARAI Certified Range

437# km
#As per ARAI under standard test conditions. Actual performance figures may differ

Battery & Motor Warranty

8 yrs / 1.6 Lakh*** km
***Whichever is earlier

Fast Charge

56^ min
^State of Charge – 0% to 80% from a 50 kW DC fast charger, under test ambient temperature conditions.

18 34 000

Range MAX

Now access a longer driving range on a single charge. The powerful Nexon EV MAX is built to go the distance with you.

Safety MAX

Safety is at the centre of what we do. That’s why the Nexon EV MAX comes loaded with a range of active and passive safety features. These intuitive and innovative additions are what make the Nexon EV MAX excel in the safety domain.

ESP® with i-VBAC

As you drive off to new destinations, the Nexon EV MAX’s ESP® (Electronic Stability Program) helps keep you on course. It works with the innovative i-VBAC (Intelligent Vacuum-less Boost & Active Control) system to reduce stopping distances by improving brake dynamics.

All Four Disc Brakes

Get MAX control with front and rear wheel disc brakes which increase braking efficiency, giving you more control.

Fortified Cabin

The Nexon EV MAX’s high-strength reinforced steel structure absorbs impact energy, providing comprehensive safety to its occupants.

ABS with EBD and BA

Take charge of the road with all the control that comes with the Anti-lock Braking System with Electronic Brake-force Distribution and Brake Assist.

IP67 Rated Battery Pack and Motor

Powered by state-of-the-art Ziptron technology, the reliable IP67 rated battery pack comes with high standards of ingress protection, making it shock, water, and dust resistant. 

Hill Hold Assist

The Nexon EV MAX’s intuitive Hill Hold Assist senses gradation and holds for 2 seconds when you stop on an incline, offering you more time to control your SUV.

Hill Descent Control (HDC)

The HDC system helps control the Nexon EV MAX’s speed on slope declines, leaving you to focus on steering your vehicle.

Auto Vehicle Hold (AVH)

AVH comes into play during the stop-and-go conditions of city roads, as well as on inclines. It maintains brake pressure even after your foot is off the brake thereby reducing driver's fatigue and providing convenience and assurance at the same time.

Panic Brake Alert

Any time you brake hard in an emergency, the system triggers the Hazard lamps, alerting fellow motorists to improve their response time.

ISOFIX Anchorage

The Nexon EV MAX comes with a pre-installed ISOFIX anchorage for child seats. So, you can enjoy peace of mind as you drive.

Dual front airbags

The Nexon EV MAX comes with dual frontal airbags as standard across all variants, providing added safety.

Performance MAX

Experience electrifying performance with Nexon EV MAX. Savour the thrill of electric, coupled with an indulgently smooth driving experience.


The Nexon EV MAX is quick off the mark and gets your heart racing by accelerating from 0-100^ km/h in under 9^ seconds. Enjoy electrifying long drives with an enhanced top speed of 140 km/h.

^As per internal testing data, under test ambient temperature conditions


Harness the power of MAX with an output of 143 PS and 250 Nm of instant torque.


Explore the versatility of Nexon EV MAX by accessing multiple drive modes. Whether you’re cruising comfortably or enjoying a more exhilarating drive, customise your experience by switching between the Eco, City and Sport Modes.


Find the right balance between superior handling and exceptional comfort with the refined suspension system of the Nexon EV MAX.

tata nexon electric car

Design MAX

Command attention on the road with a design that’s equal parts bold and sporty. The Nexon EV MAX’s design prioritises form and function equally with cleverly integrated features.


Pristine White

Daytona Grey

Activate 360
Get Head Over Wheels

Luxury MAX

The Nexon EV MAX is an ode to premium tastes and exceptional standards. Experience opulence like never before with the maxed-out luxury quotient of this electric SUV.

Electric Sunroof

Make your journeys more scenic, and even soak in a bit sun while you’re at it with the Nexon EV MAX’s electric sunroof.

Elegant Cockpit Design

A combination of spacious cockpit design and sophisticated Makarana Beige interiors add a rich plush feel to the already electrifying Nexon EV Max.

Grand Console with Rear AC Vents

Nexon EV MAX’s Grand Console enhances cabin aesthetics and adds to the luxurious feel of its interiors. Additionally, the rear AC vents ensure that passengers in the back stay as cool and comfortable as you do.

Ventilated Leatherette Seats

The Nexon EV MAX comes with front ventilated plush leatherette seats. This helps maintain a comfortable seating temperature, regardless of the weather outside.

Air Purifier

Breathe easy and effortlessly with an Air Purifier that’s designed to keep cabin air quality levels in check.

Jewelled Control Knob

Add a touch of opulence to your drives with the new state of the art, tri arrow patterned Jewelled Control Knob. Its advanced digital display makes readability much easier.

Technology MAX

This SUV is engineered for the new-age world. The Nexon EV MAX's advanced new-age technology creates a driving experience that you won’t soon forget.

Wireless Smartphone Charger

While you’re in charge of the wheel, the Qi® certified wireless charger ensures that your mobile device stays charged at all times.

Electronic Parking Brake

While the Nexon EV MAX’s Electronic Parking Brake functions automatically, it can also be manually engaged and disengaged with a switch mounted on the center console. Experience control to the max.

Auto Dimming IRVM

Make your drives easy on the eyes. No matter where you go, the Electro Chromatic Inside Rear-View Mirror detects the brightness of on-coming lights and dims the reflecting light accordingly.

Infotainment System by HARMAN

Max out your entertainment with the immersive surround sound and a Floating Dash-top (17.78 cm) touchscreen of the 4-speaker + 4-tweeter Infotainment System by HARMAN. With it, you can also seamlessly connect your mobile device with Apple Car PlayTM & Android AutoTM.

Ziptron EV Architecture

Experience technology that moves you to the MAX. Our state-of-the-art high voltage ZIPTRON EV Architecture inspires confidence and provides a sense of reliability, even on the toughest of roads.
8 years / 1.6 Lakh km** warranty on battery & motor


Access an enhanced range and more efficiency with the higher battery capacity of the high energy density 40.5 kWh li-ion battery with IP67 rating.


Tap into a zippy and electrifying driving experience powered by the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with a peak output of 143 PS & torque of 250Nm.

Power Electronics

Witness the sheer brilliance of ZIPTRON technology’s consistent performance and durability across a wide range of operating temperatures.

Ease Max

Charging the Nexon EV Max is as hassle-free and effortless as driving it. Enjoy the ease that comes with multiple charging options, and choose the one that’s best suited to what you need in the moment.

Charge your Nexon EV MAX seamlessly at home with an integrated charging gun (7.2 kW) that refills your battery overnight. The charger’s appealing aesthetic and user-friendly nature makes for a truly seamless charging process. It comes with a RFID card for quick charging authorisation and LED illumination to help users easily identify different states of charging.

You can also power up and charge your Nexon EV MAX with DC fast charging. Now go easily from 0% – 80% in just 56^ mins.
^State of Charge – 0% to 80% from a 50 kW DC fast charger, under test ambient temperature conditions.

Access a rapidly increasing charging network of 1,300+ charging stations across 200+ cities as the EV revolution continues to gain momentum day by day.

Charge up anytime, anywhere with the Nexon EV MAX’s portable charging cable, which can be plugged into any 15A socket.

Convenience Max

The Nexon EV Max comes with a range of features that add tons of convenience to an already amazing driving experience. Witness convenience pushed to the max.

Connectivity MAX

Stay connected to your SUV, no matter where you are.

Access a total of 48 smart features with the ingenious Tata Motors Z Connect App.
## renew after 1 year

Annual Savings Calculator How Much Will You Save On Fuel?

Ever-rising fuel prices becoming a huge concern? Switch to electric and see
how driving an electric vehicle can be easy on your pocket and the planet.

Estimated Savings (Over 5 years*)


Fuel Cost Savings

5.29 million grams

Tailpipe CO2 Reduction

48 full-grown trees

Equivalent to CO2 reduction

Calculate Your Savings Below down arrow
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Select your Daily Commute [in Km]

Select Fuel price in your city [price/litre]


Fuel refers to Petrol or Diesel.

Fuel prices are dynamic, subject to change and fluctuations, may differ from one State to another State.

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Select Charger

    3.3 kW AC Charger Box

  • Hassle Free plug n play NEXON EV MAX charging solution. It contains a 15A Socket Switch for seamless slow charging of your NEXON EV MAX with a portable charging cable.
  • Includes an RCBO and OVP in combination to prevent the charger against any electrical hazard.
  • Features a locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized power use or charging gun theft.

    7.2 kW AC Fast Charger Unit

  • Aesthetically designed, user friendly wall mount unit enables faster and seamless home / work place charging .
  • Features an integrated charging gun capable of delivering 7.2kW power that refills your Nexon EV Max’s battery faster than the 3.3kW box.
  • Eliminates hassles of handling the charging cable and comes with a RFID card for quick authorization of charging session.
  • Built-in LED illumination for easy identification of different states of charging